Let's go son! Headed to the track...keep us in your prayers #HealthyRace&FirstPlaceJet just relaxing before going off to runThis is the screen that most of us watched the races on. It was in the back warm up area. Going back and forth from the stadium to watch was overrated.temp_8Qe70II gotta stay in NIKE while on the road with them. They both run for NIKE. Funny thing is....I love NIKE anyways! I love sneakers! I love free stuff too!!! #ItWorksOutNavigating our way to the electronics superstore #HeavenOnEarthtemp_SeGYbLBuses had FREE wifi but the drivers were speedracers! They didn't wait for you to sit down before taking off. I saw this old lady get on the bus and literally RUN to a seat. She knew what time it was!The electronics superstore. I think it was 5 or 6 floors high. I love checking out electronics when visiting Asian countries. I'm a techie! I can see my wife Rashida Dossman rolling her eyes right about now hahahaMedal ceremony...behind the scenes. I never imagined standing here right now to see something like this. Crazy...temp_u4NE88temp_UBx4J1Media behind the scenes was a wild learning experience for me. Those guys go HAM! Couldn't help but notice the lefty sports reporter...shoutout to left handers!temp_hdAzAqCheckin out Downtown Daegu in my free time with Asst Coach Kaaron Conwrighttemp_VOuE7qStreet performers...they was AIIIIIGGHTtemp_WhRdxjDoing an interview for NBC with Bernard Legat!!!! This dude is the truth!!!! A legend in the making already!I'm dazzling him...can't you see it? I give a really STRONG interview. hahaha...Legat is COOOOOL peepsTemptation is all around us. The Devil is busy...and relentless! He followed us all the way here?I rare EVER eat fast food at home but KFC taste amaaaazing in other countries...today was no different.Yestemp_BDuV0stemp_omnDmutemp_rMtILttemp_VS37T6temp_k6m1eTtemp_UN4K85temp_H3t2Pjtemp_HvyM8ftemp_9JQP00temp_9uxWTJThis dude is a natural. I am so proud of him. Another World Champ in the camp! 110m hurdlestemp_nlG1SOY'all just go head and shove me out the way...I'm gonna start signing peoples shirts and acting like I'm somebody too! This was actually our first real mob situation since she had won Gold. I got pushed out the way but it was getting out of control so I hI'm just "the help" *Doc stands to the side and waitsOn the track...1st round for the women's 100m Hurdles is this morning. She got that Olympic Champion swag. #BeenThereDoneThatSonIn the waiting room before going into press conference after the 200m. She won the SILVER medal tonight.temp_GpNdf6I have my own treatment room! Yeah sonMy girls...Dawn is getting ready to run...did I tell you that she won Bronze medal? Congrats D Harp!temp_gsw0aoDawn's spikestemp_2RKhM6Airport! None of us have slept!temp_lkT3Zj Older photos