Dossman Advantage Taping (DAT) was discovered by Dr. Craig Dossman,
Jr. He wanted to develop a taping system to enhance proprioception,
speed, and biomechanics for runner’s. By testing various runners from
different events, he charted and realized that he was getting similar
feedback. “I might be onto something”, he said, “NO it is not kinesiotex
and it is definitely not athletic tape. I used kinesiotex as a band-aid to
simply cover up what I did. Top secret stuff. Not sure the world is
ready for this one…”Dr. Dossman partnered up with co-developer and neurologist,
Dr. Lisa Sovory, M.D. Dr. Sovory is a specialist in the area of “neurology”.
Joining forces with a neurological specialist helped to fill in the blanks as
to why he was getting such incredible results. She was able to give
rationale on how and why this system was so effective, as well as expert
advice on how to tweak/upgrade the system. Her knowledge of the
nervous system has been paramount to the evolution of this
amazing system.

  • Increased POP
  • Faster turnover
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Postural alignment
  • Increased Speed
  • Biomechanical advantage

Increased response from your feet off the ground

The benefits of DAT are in direct relation to the enhanced sensitivity
of your reflex tendons achieved with this amazing system! That is all
we can give you.


A reflex action, also known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly
instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus. D.A.T. (Dossman
Advantage Taping) enhances the sensitivity to the lower extremity deep
tendon reflexes. Both patellar and achilles reflexes are stimulated
upon each stride. This causes an impulse to the quadriceps/gastroc
muscles. These contractions, cause the leg to kick and the foot to jerk
towards the ground. This reflex also helps maintain posture and
balance, allowing one to walk without consciously thinking about each
step. With DAT, running is now not only voluntary, but reflexive.
Hence, reflex running.


When applied correctly, you shouldn’t even feel that the tape is on
your body. You will only feel the effect of the tape on your body. It
is non restrictive like many other tapes and taping systems/techniques.


The technical application is very specific and should not be applied by
just anyone. You run the risk of causing adverse reactions. A single
misstep can cause the benefits of the system to reverse. It is a very
technical system. Every step must be followed appropriately for optimal
result. Please do not try this at home.