Doc N’ Roll

Product info

The Doc N’ Roll is the world’s first standing foam roller! No more lying down on filthy floors. It’s a new way to foam roll. Stand up foam rolling allows you to use your body weight to leverage pressure on the muscles that are typically difficult to foam roll. Have you tried to foam roll the hamstrings or calves? Its a waste of time! Can you get a good release on your shins or upper body areas like the chest, shoulder or neck? What about the plantar fascia? The Doc N’ Roll doesn’t miss a beat and it picks up the slack for the traditional foam roller.

It’s not only a muscle release station, but a stretch/flexibility station as well! We have a full body muscle release protocol!

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“For my professional athletes and weekend warriors, The Doc N Roll has been a godsend. It’s a complete and effective tool for active individuals” -George Cyril, MD


“The Doc N Roll is everything I wanted as an athlete and need as a coach. I can see the Doc N Roll being a major contributor to track side therapy. “

-Christopher Richardson, Exec. VP of USATF So Cal & Director of Track/Field/XC at Cerritos College


“The Doc N Roll gives you the leverage you need to really get deep in areas like glutes, hamstrings, and calves that you really can’t get on a regular foam roller. The foam rollers weakness is the Doc N’ Roll specialty!”

-Jenn Glysson, Celebrity Trainer

“The DNR allows me to have my athletes foam roll between sets without having to get down on the ground. Get off the ground!” -Gabe Rangel, Master Trainer/General Manager Unbreakable Performance, Hollywood, CA

“I’m hooked on the Doc N Roll! After using it for the first time I was sold!”

-AJ McKee, Professional MMA fighter/Bellator


“The Doc N Roll picks up the slack where the typical foam roller falls short!”

-Felix Sanchez, Two-Time Olympic Champion, 400m Hurdles/Dominican Republic

“The Doc N’ Roll is amazing! It folds up and travels well. As a dancer I have a very physically challenging lifestyle and travel takes a lot out of me. I like that I can incorporate it into my warm up as well as when I just need to get the kinks out!”

-Latrina Bolger, Professional Dancer


“I practice Tai Chi and Chinese Whoo Shu. I use the Doc N Roll to stretch out my my hamstrings because nothing else allows me the leverage to get into the soft tissue like the Doc N’ Roll.”

-Jonathon Lin, Martial Artist

“Its like there’s an itch in your muscle that the DNR gets to scratch and its so much easier to do when I don’t have to get down on the ground.”

-Andy Cook, Attorney/Active Senior Citizen


“As a Cross-fitter, recovery and mobilizing are crucial to my training. I can’t always get in to see a chiropractor or afford a massage. The Doc N’ Roll is great because it holds me over in the meantime. Its just so much more effective than a regular foam roller or any other mobility tools that I’ve worked with.:

-Kate Rippel, Athlete & Nutritional Consultant


“The Doc N’ Roll is a great device to get solid deep tissue work on all major muscle groups. The perfect addition to any athlete’s recovery program!”

-Kori Carter, Jordan Athlete, Track & Field




-weight 9.7lbs

-portability (folds up)

Weight capacity tested at 600lbs for 5 minutes