What are the advantages of purchasing the MobiLOOP backpack harness? 

The MobiLOOP backpack harness allows you the freedom of carrying your table on your back!  You now have the ability to make phone calls, or carry other equipment without the burden of a table on your shoulder.


What materials is the backpack/harness crafted with?

The MobiLOOP harness is constructed with military grade Nylon and Polyester blend.


How long is the wait time for the order?

Pre-sale orders will be mailed late July 2015.


Who do I contact if something happens to the MobiLOOP harness? 

You can contact Todd@themobiloop.com or Cindy@themobiloop.com


What is the warranty on the MobiLOOP harness?

We build our products to last over an extended period of use, but nothing lasts indefinitely. Materials will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts will wear out. We will cover your product under our warranty policy until such a time that we have deemed the product to be worn out beyond reasonable repair. We will take this into consideration when assessing your product for a warranty request. By taking care of your equipment you will ensure a longer lifetime for your gear. We recommend that you review our care instructions and weight limits on the FAQ page for more information on how to wash and care for your equipment. Use your judgement when assessing whether your product is likely covered under our warranty policy. It may simply be time to replace your product, and we hope that MobiLOOP will have the opportunity to provide you with quality products and service in the future.

Defects in materials or workmanship are covered for three years – from the date of purchase. Material refers to buckles and fabrics. Workmanship refers to seams and construction. Damage due to wear and tears such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy but may be repairable for a fee.

Please submit warranty requests to Todd@themobiloop.com and provide details on the problem, if possible a picture as well.


How do I clean my MobiLoop?

The nylon used is weather resistant; you can hand wash your MobiLOOP and hang to dry. No dryer, no bleach.


I’m not sure if the MobiLOOP will fit my table. Is it a universal fit? 

There are two sizes in the MobiLOOP system that will fit any portable table.  If you order the wrong size we will gladly exchange your harness.


What sizes are available for the MobiLOOP harness?

  • The MobiLOOP (fits all small portable tables)
  • TheMobiLOOP XL (fits all regular to large tables)


Does the MobiLOOP harness have a weight limit? 

  • The MobiLOOP XL usually maxes out at 60 lbs. We have tested it with 70 lbs. It can carry heavier. The question is how much would you carry on your back?


What if I am not satisfied with my purchase? 

We will refund your money if you return the product in its original packaging, free from any damage.


What if I place an order and it is not in stock?

We only allow orders to be placed when we have the available units in stock.  If we are not in stock we will alert you to when the MobiLOOP will be available for purchase.


Where is the MobiLOOP harness made?

The MobiLOOP harness is made in Oakland, CA, USA


Do you ship to other countries? 

We will ship worldwide! You can apply your location at check out. Fees will apply.


I need to change my address for delivery, is that possible? 

Contact us to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

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