"The Firm"-The Agent, The Coach, & The Athlete (the Doc behind the camera)Gettin readytemp_IGlAcNI think I'm becoming like that dude that is always next to Stevie Wonder...they are always like "who is this guy?" And "can you take the pic for us?"Fashion showThe piano man wanted to take a pic with Jet and she gave him more than that...she got on the keys and gave him a solo lolWhen she was still in college, we used to talk about the days when we would run into each other in various countries around the world when she went pro...and it happens...all the time...LB Poly Alumnus: Shalonda Solomon!!!temp_UDbOnbClowninHe say he don't feeeel like smilin'...wow I look tired...I am. Sometimes there's no hiding it...Today's paperFront page todayWhere I'm at right now...She just ran a World Leading 10.81...saying hello to the fansOk now its getting crazy. You sign one autograph/take on pic...u gotta sign em allThis is the equivalent to the gold medal here...no medals...just art...hope she likes art!Believe it or not...this is AFTER she won her race...crazy woman!This is how we usually watch the races from the warm up track #Backstage#Winning