My 30-Day SUGAR DETOX UPDATE!!! by Doc Dossman

IMG_0753Some of you have asked for updates regarding my 30-Day Sugar Detox. I’ve just completed my first week! It wasn’t so hard, but it was very educational. The main thing I learned about sugar this past week? Sugar is in EVERYTHING! 

My girl had already done the detox so I’m blessed to have her wisdom regarding various options & alternatives. For example I love hummus and salsa for dipping. Yes, I’m a snacker. I didn’t realize there was a lot of sugar in both. Now I’ve found a hummus at Wholefoods that doesn’t have sugar! Homemade salsas don’t usually have sugar and are usually the hottest anyways…if you’re into that. Point is that there is an alternative for whatever your vice is…although I haven’t found one for Sour Patch Kids!!!

As far as any noticeable results; my energy, sense of well being, and my complexion is clearing up nicely! I think I look 25…okay maybe 28 tops! I have always been a high energy guy so I have to really appreciate this. I didn’t think I had a problem. At least I know my energy levels were better than yours! Normally I begin waking up on my morning walk/commute to work. I probably sleep walk on autopilot through my first patient or two, but it’s that interpersonal stimulation that brings me life! Then I’m up!

After just 3 days without sugar I began to awaken the moment my eyes opened in the morning! Wide awake and ready to rock! Feels great! I never feel bloated. I don’t get sluggish or drained. I no longer experience “the -itis” after big meals! I’m not gonna lie, I miss those naps. 

Cindy says my face looks slimmer. Honestly I don’t know that I’ve noticed any weight or size changes just yet, but the way I’m feeling motivates me to continue so I can see what happens next! If nothing else improves I’d still be happy with my decision to give it a shot. I’m now a more conscious eater. I’m so much more thoughtful about what I put into my body and how it makes me feel. That lesson alone is well worth the sacrifice of Sour Patch Kids, pizza, and Ciroc. 

One more thing. If you don’t like to eat, this program ain’t for you! With less sugar in your system your blood sugar will dip lower than usual. You will become more hungry than usual. If you do not eat natural sugars or carbs to satisfy the blood sugar levels, you’ll get headaches and energy will take a hit! You have to keep a log on the fire if you want to keep it burning! 

I will keep you posted with next week. Things get interesting when I’m on the road. I’ll be traveling this weekend and I will have my 7 year old with me. This will complicate things a bit but I’m optimistic to the benefits he will get from all of this!


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