My Sugar Detox Experience

By Cindy Figueroa

IMG_7643One of the best ways of testing your intuitive eating is by eliminating certain foods from your diet for a specified period of time then slowly reintroducing it to see how your body responds. Knowing this, I had always wanted to eliminate added sugars, but doubts in my mind kept me from doing so. I didn’t think I had the will power. Sugar is in everything, what would I eat? How could I give up my beloved ice cream and chewy chocolate chip cookies, even if only for a defined period of time? I knew my body didn’t need sugar for energy and the overconsumption was actually what was keeping me from losing the stubborn belly fat. I knew this! But I still kept convincing myself that the time wasn’t right. Surprisingly enough the decision to finally do it came like a curve ball.

I decided to do a sugar detox after I saw a friend who after dealing with heavy weight issues lost pounds and inches by giving up sugar for lent. She was looking amazing and I thought to myself, “If this girl, who struggled with food, had the will power to do this then so can I.” I started the next day. Just like that, cold turkey.

I must say it was hard at first. I craved sugar (Like really craved sugar) to the point that I would daydream about cookies and brownies, just everything sweet. It was like this for the first week. But soon enough I found myself moving away from the temptation. If I was walking by an ice cream shop, I would stop, look through the window then keep walking. Once I moved on, the temptation was gone. I realized that all this was about decision-making. And once I was set on my decision to keep walking, my mind shifted to something else. I became so strong that I would even test my will power by asking my boyfriend to order dessert for himself and I realized I was totally okay with him eating in front of me. Wow, what was happening? My cravings weren’t as strong anymore.

By weeks three and four the detox was becoming a cinch. I believe it was because I started seeing results in my body early on and I became excited to see the full extent of these changes. What would I look like by day 30? By week two my skin was clearing up, even glowing. People were wondering if I could be pregnant….I wasn’t! But the best part was noticing I wasn’t feeling bloated anymore (YES!) and that my clothes were fitting loser. My biggest problem areas have always been my arms, face and love handles and these were the areas I was noticing the biggest change. I was losing inches in these areas. That means I was losing fat. After all those hard workouts I had been doing, this detox was giving me better and faster results. Why hadn’t I done this sooner? Lesson learned. These results were so visible that other people, including my boyfriend, started noticing. He, especially, was loving my glowing skin. By week three he was so convinced of the changes the detox was giving me that he decided to do the detox himself. He asked if I would join him after I completed mine and here we are now, day 8 of my second consecutive 30-day sugar detox.

Now many others have asked about the sugar detox and what it involves. The next post will have details of the detox we have been doing.

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