What I’ve Learned from Your Kids: And What YOU As Parents Need To Know





Imagine you are a fly in the wall while your daughter vents to a confidant her frustrations about school, struggles with the urge and availability of sex, or when your son confesses that he’s been getting high during the hour between when he gets home from school and you get home from work. How much would you pay to hear the unadulterated truth about your influence on your child’s decision making? Many parents fall short in having the desired outcome in their children because they aren’t given the advantage of disclosure. This book, is a dairy of confessions direct from the usually tight-lipped teens and the interpretation of their behavior by someone who sees them every day. Dr. Craig Dossman, the clinic director of a sports medicine office in Downtown Long Beach, California. He is a team doctor for Long Beach Polytechnic High School athletic program as well as other schools in Southern California. He has the benefit of being a caregiver and confidant to hundreds of young people. His energy and report with the teens he works with, most of them athletes from inner city neighborhoods, is unmatched. To his patients he is both doctor and friend. With unapologetic candor, Dr. Dossman (or “Doc” he is known my most) delivers the truth about the effect parents are having on their teens. Neglect, single parenthood, sex, and the like are discussed with the intent to inform and transform the parent – child relationship. He acts as a voice for this generation, all with diverse issues, yet common solutions. He shows you what you can do to make things better for our future.