PSA: This is not a diet

child-2I want to be very clear. This is not a diet, it is a detox...NOT a diet!

 When we detox, it's best to detox from one thing at a time to see how that particular ingredient has impacted you (either negatively or for the better). When people hear “sugar detox” or “no sugar”, they start getting excited and start talking about other things to avoid or detox from. Everyone is a health fanatic now.

“What about sodium/salt?”

“What about all the toxins? You know the toxins are bad too?”

“What about this? What about that?”

Calm down people! It’s a detox…for 30 days!

I’d like to think of it as more of a research study period where I take the time to be more “intuitive” or “conscious” about what I am eating. If I have to look at every label for the next 30 days, so be it! I will learn by the end of this period what foods I can replace or substitute. At the end, I can also decide if I want to keep that food option in regular rotation or not. For example, I don’t plan on going back to my old hummus from Trader Joe’s (now that Whole Foods has one without sugar). Why not? I’ve just made a permanent adjustment to my lifestyle that I will continue to benefit from. The more permanent adjustments the better!

When I see all the improvements at the end, I can say that it was ADDED SUGARS that were causing those issues. Otherwise, I would not really know which did what. Was it the avoidance of salt that cleared up my acne? Or maybe it was the sugar? What if it was the combination of both?

Why not do a Salt Detox or a Meat Detox or a Dairy Detox after the Sugar Detox? That is what intuitive eating is all about? Remove something from your dietary rotation, take your survey, see what is good for YOU! See what YOUR body hates! Its all about you and your body. This is why every diet isn’t for everybody. This is why some people respond better than others to certain programs or meal plans/diets. Everyone is different and its alright! Just relax and try not to overdo it all at the same time. Everything in moderation grasshopper…or else you set yourself up to fail!

This NOT about why sugar is the devil. It is about answering the question, “How does sugar affect my body?” A detox will answer that question loud and clear! Intuitive eating allows you to learn your body and how it is affected by certain ingredients so that you can take inventory. Sugar may not have the same effect on me as it does on you. Because of this, your results might be much more dramatic than mine. Nonetheless, it is still a result because you now have answers to the effect of sugar on your body….YOUR body.

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