Life in between sugar detoxes

by Cindy Figueroa When I first started the sugar detox days seemed long and I couldn’t wait to complete it. I remember day dreaming about all the foods I would be able to eat again: cookies and cream ice cream, ketchup, mole enchiladas, cereal, etc. Although I was seeing amazing results in my body, externally […]

Sugar Detox 101

by Cindy Figueroa Many have asked what a sugar detox entails and while there are many options for this, I want to share the one I have completed myself. [You can read my sugar detox story in the previous post.] The instructions are very basic. In essence, eliminate anything with added/refined sugars from your diet […]

My Sugar Detox Experience

By Cindy Figueroa One of the best ways of testing your intuitive eating is by eliminating certain foods from your diet for a specified period of time then slowly reintroducing it to see how your body responds. Knowing this, I had always wanted to eliminate added sugars, but doubts in my mind kept me from […]